Tonight, tonight.

Not only does September mark the commencement of the first semester, but also the birding season. A Hoopoe popped up in Lai Chi Kok Park but quickly left. But the urge for specialties kept going inside me. 

Cheung Chau is famous of its delicious food and the annual Bun Festival. Recently, Brown Fish Owls (Bubo zeylonensis) have turned up in the harbour. I took the ferry departing at 6:00 pm in Central and arrived at around 7:00 pm. Some photographers had taken their positions already. But the target remained hidden for about an hour. Typhoons are approaching. So some fishing boats returned to the harbour. The fishermen were busying maintaining their fishing nets. 

Out of a sudden, everyone was in awe when owl was seen on the rails of a distant boat. Nighttime photography really pushed the camera to its limits. Slow shutter speed and high ISO value nullified many of the photos. And I had to rely on manual focus. Still, there were some acceptable photos.

It caught a fish but did not eat it. Instead, it carried away the fish and vamished into the woods nearby.

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  1. Great that you finally got it! They have been very kind to stick around so long and be so constant for everyone.