Glamor of the Lamma

A lot of photos have been taken throughout this week. But they contain no birds. My job duties involve nature photography. There are also some difficulties in my work.

Last Sunday, I went hiking in Sok Kwu Wan on the Lamma Island. The hiking trail surrounds the western side of the Lamma Island. Except Black Kites, there were nothing much to see. I heard an Emerald Dove calling but failed to spot it. Finally, a glamorous Fork-tailed Sunbird was seen hanging around a banana tree, licking the nectar secreted from its downward-pointing flowers.

Seeing this sweet-lover is a real treat after an exhausting hike. The sunbird generously allowed me to take good photos of it. I hope that such surprise will occur in my job requiring photography. So I will eventually acquire photography skills. And I am not just talking about nature conservation through photography, but be a part in it.

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