A short break from my duties

Starting from 20150901, I have been appointed a research assistant in the Department of Geography. During my undergraduate career, I worked in a similar post for two years. So I am fairly familiar with the duties involved. But it is the beginning of the school term, who knows what will happen in the coming days? Anyway, a pledge has been made. The enthusiasm for birding will not dwindle! Let's rise earlier! The birds are there!

An Asian Brown Flycatcher was catching air-borne insects. It perches on a remote branch. When it chases its prey, its wings inevitably touch the leaves along the flying path. The weak sound can give birders a huge notice of its presence.

Then a flock of Greater Necklaced Laughingthrsuh was seen feeding on the forest floor. Apparently the mature birds are showcasing the way how to locate insect by flipping over leaves below its head. So younger birds can find food on themselves by imitating the same action.

Squirrels are seen again. They are not feasting on the tangerine-like fruits now. They have switched to the legume-bearing plants. Trees of Blakeana spp. are their restaurant today. The squirrels first pick a pod. Then, on a flat horizontal branch, they sit and slowly work out the pearls inside.

All creatures got something to do. People may say they are forced to do these things out of survival. But I see a meaning in it. Every action refines the vital survival skills they need. Later in their life, they will pass their prowess on to the new-born generation. It somehow encourages me. No matter how harsh the situation is, I can acquire knowledge in it and benefit the people around me.

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