Trying my luck in a new birding spot.

On the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society forum, there is a thread developed by an enthusiastic birder who actively birds the slopes in Ho Man Tin. Wonderful birds often turn up there. I firmly believe that the birding potential of slopes around district service reservoir. Transport to Ho Man Tin convenient. It only takes 15 minutes to get there. This is my first reconnaissance.

The first bird I met is an Oriental Magpie Robin. The shade trees create a peculiar photographic atmosphere. Then, I saw flycatchers. Below are the Red-throated Flycather and the Dark-sided Flycatcher.

Flocks of warblers have been seen. The flycatchers hang around with the warblers.

No thrushes were seen. There must be more attractive birds earlier in the morning. I am planning to go there the coming weekend.


  1. Hi Louis, great to see a fellow blogger! HMT is a site I have yet to pay a visit, but the growing bird list is indeed very tempting. Shall try it out soon! Cheers.

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