A relaxing walk on Lung Fu Shan

I submitted my thesis last Friday. There is much satisfaction in doing it. All I need to do is wait. Yesterday a letter was received, acknowledging the submission of the thesis and reminding me of the oral examination in November.

The weather was not good. Occasional showers and dark clouds were around the clock. There was not much to see. Two Mountain Tailorbirds were heard. Due to the dim light, no acceptable photographs were taken. An interesting scene to see was a Black-throated Laughingthrush shaking off the water after taking a bath. Puddles were forming everywhere after the persistent rain. They became bathtubs for birds.

Trees from the genus Schefflera were attracting butterflies. Blue-spotted Crow is a common species. There were dozens of them flying around the flowers of a tree in full bloom.

Then a Common Birdwing came. Other butterflies flew away when it arrived. It is a majestic individual. A long time ago, I saw one inside the HKU campus. It seems that they can tolerate a bit of habitat modification.

Since late August, animals on Lung Fu Shan have been in a feeding frenzy for a tangerine-like fruit. This Pallas's Squirrel is no exception. It completely ignored my presence as it was enjoying its trophy.

On the way downhill, more common birds were seen. There are several Norfolk Island Pine. Birds love perching on their top. By tweaking the brightness and contrast, this photo is transformed into a piece of artwork.

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